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 FAME contracts with respected artists whose work coincides with the focus of our current year cultural arts theme.  These artists visit the classrooms throughout the year to provide presentations and hands-on activities at local FAME member schools.
In 2010 the FAME Visiting Artists performed 106 times for 17,735 students. An additional 20,000 children and adults had the opportunity to see these performances at the  FAME Festivals.

As part of this year's Northwest Europe theme, FAME brings the Irish Music School of Chicago.  The Irish Music School of Chicago preserves, honors and promotes the cultural traditions of music, dance, song and language of Ireland.

For more information about the Irish Music School of Chicago, visit their website and Facebook page at:

The FAME flyer for the troupe may be downloaded at


The Irish Music School of Chicago will be available for in-school performances, for one week, from March 17th - 21st.  Sessions are scheduled through the FAME office after February 3 at 260-247-7325 or email Check the calendar below for available times.

 Calendar for Irish Music School

All performances are $1 per student with a minimum charge of $250.


Etude in the Form of a Tarentella


Janice Furtner, Papercutting Artist/ Fine Arts Instructor, will teach in the classroom the German art of Scherenschnitte which in German means "scissor cuts". This is the art of creating intricate designs with papercutting.   The art form was created in Germany and Switzerland during the 16th century.
Janice will be available for classroom lessons  for  $100 per classroom.  The maximum class size is 30 students. 

Her performance will be 40-50 minutes long with a maximum of 5 performances per day. She may be scheduled for more than one day if needed.  Availability dates TBD.

 Sessions are scheduled through the FAME office after February 3 at 260-247-7325 or email

You can see Janice's collected works "Paper Cut Works" exhibited in the Jeffery Krull Gallery at the main Allen County Public Library from March 1 to April 5.

Registration and Scheduling
You must be a FAME member to participate in this program.
To become a FAME school member, go the membership page and join.