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Some random thoughts and happenings with FAME- March 16, 2023 Our very own Camp Director, Janice Furtner, is one of this year's Arts United Awards recipient!! February 22, 2023 FAME is a 2023 Arts United Award Nominee and congratulations to…

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Eastern Europe and Balkans

Eastern Europe and Balkans Listening Link List Instructions Click on the composer in the composer list. You will see a Google page with the composer and lists of his compositions.  Example of what your page may look like: You can…

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Song Of The Towers

FAMEblog: 2022-2021

(Above painting, "Song of the Towers", by Aaron Douglas, 1934, commissioned by WPA) Some random thoughts and happenings with FAME April 29,2022 The Mayor's Choice exhibit dates have changed - April 21 to May 18, 2022.  You have an extra…

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FAMEblog: 2020-2021

  June 18, 2021 Due to issues resulting from the  pandemic, our summer camp is cancelled.  See you next year at camp! June 7, 2021 FAME is looking for new Executive Director. -Position filled. June 3, 2021 Statement from the…

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Lesson Plans for Planet Earth

in-the-cosmic-flow-planet wire-dream-catcher-wire-dream-catcher welcome-to-my-hive-honeycomb recycled-plastic-collage-recycled-plastic-collage nature-print-silk-suncatchers-nature-print-silk-suncatchers fauvism-is-for-the-birds-fauvist-birdfeeder luminous-fossil-prints-fossils botanical-illustration-botanical-illustration assemblage-art-assemblage-art creative-paper-making-creative-paper-making color-enhanced-plaster-casts-nature-plaster-casts Chime_in_with_Nature cast-handmade-paper-cast-handmade-paper

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Sayaka Ganz Newletter

It's peaceful Wednesday evening and I'm listening to insects chirping outside my window. It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I planned an emergency trip to Japan due to a family member being ill, only to get…

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Kids At Taste Of The Arts With FAME Balloons

Making Paper Hats

Remember the paper hats you made?  You can make your own hats at home!  Some materials you can use for making and decorating paper hats- Paper Grocery bag from your favorite store (required) Glue Tape Scissors Color papers Color tissue…

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