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Sayaka Ganz Newletter

It's peaceful Wednesday evening and I'm listening to insects chirping outside my window. It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I planned an emergency trip to Japan due to a family member being ill, only to get…

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Kids at Taste of the Arts with FAME Balloons

Making Paper Hats

Remember the paper hats you made?  You can make your own hats at home!  Some materials you can use for making and decorating paper hats- Paper Grocery bag from your favorite store (required) Glue Tape Scissors Color papers Color tissue…

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Students writing music on computers for the FAME Composition Project

Composition 2019-2020

"DORMITE NIÑITO: A Lullaby for Lost Children" Composition Project 2020Composed by David CroweWith the FAMEous Composition Project StudentsSeveral Fourth Grade FAMEous student composers collaborated with David Crowe, FAME Composer-In-Residence, to help create an original musical composition, during the 2019-20 FAME…

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Fusion 2019-2020

    FAME’s Fusion of Concert Colors promotes interdisciplinary arts understanding by encouraging students to draw connections between musical selections and the visual arts. FAME teachers guide students to create artwork as they listen to music from our current cultural…

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    Some random thoughts and happenings with FAME   December 25, 2019 Happy Holidays from the FAME Board! Celebrating a little Christmas cheer together as we gear up for the FAME Festival in March. Thanks to all the FAME…

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