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Visiting Artist
Dates to be announced

Musical Conexion M
Musical Conexion M

Musical Conexion

The FAME Visiting Artist Program invites renowned professional artists to be a part of our annual FAME Festival and to visit area schools bringing their talents into the classroom.  Each artist is selected from  a variety of artistic disciplines creating work that relates to the annual cultural focus of FAME. For 2019-2020 FAME’s theme is “Latin America”.  These artists visit classrooms to provide presentations and hands-on activities at local FAME member schools..  If you would like to be a FAME member school, click here. This year Visiting Artists is the Musical Conexion.

Based in Fort Wayne, the Musical Conexion provides an educational enrichment program inspiring cognitive connections through music cultural immersion, and bilingual learning. 

  • Experiential cultural learning through dance, songs, finger-plays, games and stories
  • Exploration of real instruments such as the acoustic guitar, cajon peruano, and indigenous instruments

Check all their testimonials on their website.

This is copy of the Misical Conexion’s songbook.

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