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Visiting Artist

Registration Deadline Mar 8, 2024

To register your school for a visiting artist call 260-247-7325  or email 

In-school dates
March 13-15, 2024
David Crowe Teaches Students About Music Composition
Fort Wayne Chinese Family & Friends Association Perform The Fan Dance

The FAME Visiting Artist Program invites renowned professional artists to be a part of our annual FAME Festival and to visit area schools bringing their talents into the class room.  Each artist is selected from a variety of artistic disciplines creating work that relates to the annual cultural focus of FAME.  For 2023-2024 FAME’s theme is “Myths and Legends” of Scandinavia and the Nordic region. This year’s Visiting Artists are:

Christine Ann Novotny, Artist – Hand Weaver

Vidar Skrede, Musican – Traditional Scandinavian Fiddle Music

Youi will find more information about the artists at the Resources Page in the Teacher Information Packet.

  • For more information or registration, call the FAME office, 260-247-7325 or email .

Following are brief resume of the Visiting Artists-

Christine Ann Novotny

Christine Ann Novotny is a handweaver, educator, and designer who runs the textile studio CAN Goods. Christine weaves vibrant textiles, all guided by her love for surprising color and design interactions.  Christine’s work reflects a belief that handweaving retains reverence and relevance in a modern world dominated by industrialized goods.  She seeks to bring an energy to handweaving that invites people to reconsider the textiles in their life, and to evolve the practice of handweaving through contemporary handwoven goods and craft education.  Christine lives and works in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Her webpage – Christine Novotny

Vidar Skrede

Vidar Skrede – “I am a Nordic traditional musician and teacher from Norway current living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I teach traditional Scandinavian fiddle music on fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, mandolin and guitar.  I teach all levels and ages.  In my lessons besides building your Scandinavian repertoire, I work on technique and tune mechanics, how to break down and approach Scandinavian rhythms, ornaments, double stops and string paired bowing so that you can both sound authentic and master a good groove for dancing and jamming.  I listen and adapt to my students’ challenges, temps and wishes in order to best build their progress towards mastering their instruments and projecting their individual musicality.  I have a Master degree in performing Nordic traditional music from the royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.  Ihave been a performer and a teacher for over 25 years.”

His webpage – Vidar Skrede – Nordic Folk Musician & Teacher

FAME’s Visiting Artist program has been brought to you by the Fort Wayne Branch of the American Association of University Women Trust.


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