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Annual Teacher’s Meeting – This is year’s focus is “Planet Earth” and the meeting was a Zoom meeting  on September 28, 2020.  Those who attended the Art and Music workshops earned Professional Growth Points.

You may watch the recording of the meeting at Youtube or below.  The art presentation is on a separate video at  Assemblage Art Project.

FAME Meeting - September 24, 2020

In keeping with the theme of Planet Earth, David Crowe, FAME’s Composer in Residence, have composed “Summer Sound Garden” using found objects for instruments. You may view the composition on Youtube or below.

Summer Sound Garden by David Crowe

This year’s Visiting Artist is Sayaka Ganz.  You may find out more about her on the Visiting Artists page and on our copy of  her newsletter. We have a flier for her under 2020-2021 Resources on this page.

This year’s Fusion music selection is  “Mother Earth” (Fanfare) by David Maslanka. We have the Fusion packet available under 2020-2021 Resources on this page.

I just saw an article that made me think of a cute mini-lesson. The article said that birds in San Francisco are singing differently because of COVID lockdown. With fewer people out and about the city is quieter, so the male birds are able to sing more quietly, allowing them to expand their pitch range, which is more attractive to female birds.

This could tie into a lesson on vocal health by helping explain the effects of overuse of our voices on voice quality and how pushing too much makes us sound worse. If you are doing any FAME stuff this year, this would tie well into the recycling/environmental theme.

Just thought this was cute so I’d share!

Lisa Christman

Music Teacher, Franke Park Elementary

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