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Students writing music on computers for the FAME Composition Project

Composition 2019-2020

David Crowe teaches students about music composition
David Crowe teaches students about music composition

“DORMITE NIÑITO: A Lullaby for Lost Children”

Composition Project 2020
Composed by David Crowe
With the FAMEous Composition Project Students

Several Fourth Grade FAMEous student composers collaborated with David Crowe, FAME Composer-In-Residence, to help create an original musical composition, during the
During composition and “composium” sessions in October, the FAMEous Composers utilized a music composition and notation cloud app called Noteflight, along with music technology workstations to compose their own Musical Signature    Compositions then, creatively collaborated with Mr. Crowe about how their musical ideas would be orchestrated into a Project Composition inspired by themes from FAME’s 2019-20 cultural focus on South and Central America.
The FAMEous Composers accessed a project portfolio to complete various reflection assignments, which helped to stimulate creative input and facilitate feedback for assessment during the music composition, rehearsal, and performance process.

Mr. Crowe orchestrated the FAMEous Composers’  creative work into a project composition and titled the piece, DORMITE NIÑITO: A Lullaby for Lost Children. The composition’s themes weave the beautiful                  traditional Salvadoran folk song, Dormite Niñito with musical    portrayals of thoughts and messages derived from the FAMEous Composers’ writings about the plight of many children in Central and South America who live in poverty, chaos, fear, and who, in many  cases, have had to flee their country. The messages will be given special “voice” during the composition’s  Premiere with sung choral sections (in both Spanish and English) performed by the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir Lyric Choir.

FAME and the PHIL’s ongoing collaboration with the Fort Wayne Ballet continued this year, as once again, the composition has been enhanced with originally choreographed dance movements created by the ballet’s Youth Company to perform as part of the composition’s Premiere. The FAMEous Composers met with the ballet’s Youth Company dancers for a pre-premiere presentation of the creative dance ideas for the composition and engaged in a collaborative exchange of reflections about the dance’s artistic and thematic meanings.


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